Saturday, May 25, 2013

There is no life as complete as the life that is lived by choice.

Im writing this post on the 25th of May, the day of my birthday. And I'd like to write about a topic that i believe is relevant to this day, as I'm turning 18. As of today, I'm officially legal, which means I am "allowed" to make a change in our society. I'm finally allowed to make my own choices. I am my own master, and i intend to make the most of it. Although my parents might argue that I've followed my own path for a long time already, I wouldn't agree fully. While i might have been a bit more stubborn than your average teenager, I've still felt trapped, and desperate. It has felt as I've been living my life for someone else, following the rules set by my parents and the community I grew up in. There was only one path, the one accpeted by society. Any other path would lead to a dessert, and leave me as an outcast.

I'm sure a lot of you can agree that you've felt a certain ammount of pressure from your surroundings, be it cultural or social, to perform, to reach a certain level. A level which might not suit you. Might not be relevant to your interests or strenghts, but it's the only accepted way, right? As a teenager I've seen this all around me the last couple of years. Do a survey at a random high school, and i'll bet you that more than 50% of the students want to become one of these three professions: doctor, engineer or lawyer. Don't get me wrong, it's great that youth are seemingly interested in sciences. However, if you look at said students grades and interest in those related classes, it will quickly reveal itself that there is another aspect determining their answer. The social aspect.
It's outright embarassing for your average high school student to publicly announce that they wish to become a carpenter. So instead of having talented carpenters who legitemately love their job, we get creative talented people trapped in office buildings, doing an half-assed job because they're apalled by their work. Just look at Asia for example, famous for their rigorous studies, brains and exponential suicide rates.
I saw my friends from jr. High make the same mistakes, people whom i knew was not strong in theoretical subjects, but still chose a rigerious science curriculum because anything else "is for scrubs and retards." Then i watched them drop out a year later. I made the same mistake, and it has left me miserable and depressed. Because living a life off of someone else's  premises just straight out sucks. It sucks! We need to explore all our options in order to find something that fits us. Life shouldn't be a battle to get up every morning. We should look forward to our day, with the feeling that today, today I'm gonna evolve and explore.

It's all about finding your area of a specializaton

I've come to my terms. School might not be the thing for me, I've tried my best several times now, but the outcome has been the same. I've reached a conclusion and it does not leave me feeling broke and beaten. I might have my struggles, some challenges i can't overcome, but I am not stupid. I am an intelligent, thinking human being, and I will do with my life as I please. It doesn't matter how society sees me, I will show that commitment, passion and compassion is what gets you far in life. I will do my absolute best to be the best person i can, both to myself and to the people around me. I urge you to do the same. Peace out!

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