Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy, a.. movie review?

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Its no secret that I've been a person who has struggled with a lot of negative thoughts throughout my life. Thoughts that seeminly popped out of the blue. I've seen this countless times around me in my daily life as well. Confessions from friends, who seemingly seemed perfectly happy and in control of their lives would open up to me, admit self harm and thoughts of taking their own lives. It seems weird, as I live in one of the top ranked HDI countries in the world, which should indicate that we live like kings and queens. Seeing this all around me, for an extended period of time made me question wether true happiness existed. It came to the point where I would no longer believe people who claimes they where happy. I would just take it as another lie or mask they hid behind. However, in recent times, I've question my way of thinking more and more, and today I watched a movie which nearly put the nail in the coffin to my whole theory. The movie "Happy."

The movie tells us the stories of a few people, living quite different lifestyles, who believe they have found true happiness. It also tries to explain us a little bit of the science behind happiness and depression, what causes it and how we can prevent it. We're presented with quite a few different people and personalities. Despite this, there seems to be a repeating pattern in where people find happiness. No surprise, it's not found in money, objects or reputation.  In fact, activities which provide social stimuli seems to be the best cure for depression.

While the movie itself is no masterpiece, the people and stories we're introduced to is just so touching and inspiring, you'd have to be quite cold in order to not enjoy it to some degree. If you're searching for a feel good movie, I wouldn't hesistate to recommend this. It carries an important message of love and compassion, which I believe our world is in desperate need for these days. I'd say its an inspiration for me to continue the "spiritual" lifestyle which I've been pursuing the last six months or so, as I'm getting more and more certain that its the right path for me to someday find true happiness.

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