Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pursuing my dreams: Alexander Supertramp

For the last three years I've been completely obsessed with the world around me, the nature, monuments, cultures and animals. The beauty and variation is staggering, and something which we are yet to discover anywhere else in the universe. Just let that sink in.
We are extremely lucky here on earth. The problem is, I've been too young to do all these things, too young to travel alone, too young to work and too young to make my own decision. However, that have all changed now, and I'm going to make the most of it.

I think it all started a few years back, my mom were working, and only my sister, father and me were home. We were stuck in front of the TV like any other family on a friday night, looking for a movie to watch. After browsing the channels for a while we ended up watching the movie "Into the the wild" which I'm sure a lot of you are familar with. If not, I highly recommend it. It's based on the book with the same title, which again is based on a true story. In short, it's about a guy who drops everything to pursue his dream and live in solitude in the Alaskan wilderness. However, its the travel to his destination which i found the most inspirational. The hike itself. All the beautiful sights and people. It made me think wtf I'm doing with my life. I literally live my life in front of a computer screen, living my life inside alternative cyber worlds. It's not the way i want to live my life. I don't want to hide within some fake world with my fake titles and achievements. I want to explore, experience, evolve, and exceed my expectations! - No Excuses!

One of my favorite movies and main source of inspiration, Into the wild.
 No longer to be poisoned by civilization he flees, and walks alone upon the land to become... 
Lost in the wild

I'm afraid I wouldn't have the courage to take on the world alone, but fortunately I have the best like-minded buddy ever, which shares pretty much all my views and dreams. We've decided to leave within two years, when he has finished his education, and we've saved up a little bit of money. Our goal is not to go on a year long vacation, fly around and live on expensive hotels. Not at all. This will be a life lesson, it will be a tough journey were we will carry only the essentials materials for survival. We will travel from destination to destination by foot or hitchhiking dependant on our luck. Our reasoning for this is that we've both grown up in a very rich country, with all the resources we could ever need; shielded from the hardships and struggles that is the everyday life of so many other people. We're afraid we've become unappreciative of what we've got here, and would like a reality check. In addition we think it will provide a more real travel experience.

On our journey we want to help the people we meet, through anything from positive energy or physical labour. I've already browsed the net for potential areas where we can do volunteer work for food and shelter along the way, which I believe will be good for when we need to take a break from the life on the road, breathe and absorb our surroundings. As for now, we've already managed to negotiate a free trip with the Kiel ferry from Norway to Germany through some realtives of my friend. Thus we will have a few lazy days before our true journey kicks off a few years down the road. We are fully aware that this will be very hard, and that we need to prepare sufficiently, but we're also confident that we can do it. Obviously we can't wait to pursue our dreams, and are extremely excited for the experiences the world has in store for us, peace!


  1. Just don't end up like McCandless. I guess you know the original story. :)

  2. Hehe, hopefully that won't happen! We'll be careful and prepare well, and our goal is not to get completely "lost in the wild," like McCandless. Thanks for your reply :)