Thursday, May 23, 2013

Individually we are one drop, together we are an ocean.

Today I'd like to share some thoughts on making that all important first step and thinking like a community. There are more than 7.1 billion people on earth at the time of writing this. That's a huge number, and might make you feel small and insignificant. I know how it feels, and it makes me lazy and out of condition to do anything, because: whats the point, right?

This way of thinking is extremely harmful, not only to myself but to the whole community and the people who are close to me. It hinders me from unlocking the potential within myself and it makes me down and depressed. Becuase joy resides in being kind to the people around us, and by chastesising oneself all of this is thrown directly out the window.

A few months back i decided to become a vegetarian, at this point i had eaten meat my whole life and it came as quite a shock to many of my closest friends and relatives. However, I had read my fair share on the topic, and decided that it made sense for me in order to back my own living ethics. What surprised me though, was the reaction I got. They would ask me why I would go through such a hassle, you're a single person in 7 billion, there's no way you'll make a change. This is a very toxic way of thinking which seems to be quite common. Alone we might not be able to make and impact, but together we most certainly can. It's all about being part of a community, with other likeminded people who wish to achieve the same as oneself. It doesn't have to be something huge as battling world hunger or solving the water crisis. It could be something small, like trying to avoid using plastic bags when going to the store, or start recycling. It's all about battling that little voice in your head that says: "I'll only have one more" or "Throwing away this one thing won't have an impact." Trust me, it will when millions of others are thinking the exact same way. Make sure to dicipline that voice, take control of yourself and make that all important step. You can make a change!

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world" - Ghandi


  1. I bet you were accused by at least one person, of being irrational, and unstable, because you were making a radical change. If you weren't, it happens to others. I know! It's an I dare, situation. Rarely respected, is a 360 degree turn about. People love not only their own habits, but you keeping your habits. What if we are multi talented, and suddenly, we want to do, whatever, instead, now? That version of us, might come back, or not. Maybe the something new, is what we've always wanted to do, or be, and just, sorry to who will miss the old us, but not assuming guilt, just acknowledging the loss others feel, that were depending on your compliance, for their own self worth. Once free to not be only, the part of us others prefer, making commitments only to ourselves in our endeavors, listening to our own voice and feelings, we finally ARE. Someone else can't be partially to blame for our happiness via influence/opinion. We are responsible for our own reward and potential, consequence. It is like a second birth. Welcome to adulthood, but more, congratulations on maturity, that does not always come with. ;) ! Happy Birthday. Happiness to you!

    1. Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to my post, greatly appreciated. And yes, you're right, I'm really lucky to have a family who is extremely open and accepting of my choices, even if I choose a different road, they have trust in me.
      However, I know it's not quite that easy for everyone else. A close friend of mine is right now forced into business studies by her father only to carry on the tradition of her family. I try to tell her that there are other option, that by following her heart she will have a happier more productive life. Unfortunately her mind is blurred by the belief that money is the only true road to happiness. As a result she is struggling with severe depression due to spending most of her time on something she apalls. It hurts to see, and know that there are millions in the same position around the globe.
      Thank you for the warm thoughts, right back at you! Have a wonderful day :)